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Blind SA


Blind SA: https://blindsa.org.za

What We Do
We equip blind people with the skills they need to fully and independently participate in society. This includes support in living without assistance, getting about, using technology, reading, working and socialising. All this is made possible through advocacy, our Education Committee, Braille Services, orientation and mobility services and our employment programme. It is through this, and the support of our donors, that we connect South African’s who are blind or visually impaired with the world they live in.
Our Purpose
To end the cycle of poverty for Blind South Africans, empowering them with knowledge and information through education, braille and developmental services. To break down barriers, provide opportunities and create answers that improve the quality of life for the blind community so that they can live the life they choose.
Our Vision
An empowered blind community with equal opportunities achieving their full potential.
Our Values
These are the things we provide and uphold above everything else:


Centurion Sake kamer




Centurion Business Forum / Centurion Sakekamer

The CBF facilitates business opportunities through a business support network. It provides a platform to share information. #B2Bnetworking

Facebook Page:


Tell: 074 311 7693

E-mail: admin@centurionsakekamer.co.za



Our Mission:

To enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired people and children with autism.

Our 2020 Vision:

The 2020 Vision describes how we will satisfy our Mission in the period between now and the year 2020, by achieving the highest level of excellence and being the accepted leader in the services we provide.

The Services we Provide:

Highly trained Guide Dogs for people who are visually impaired

Guide Dogs safely guide their owners in different environments and situations.

Highly trained Service Dogs for people who are physically disabled

Service Dogs assist their owners to open and close doors and drawers, and by retrieving items from difficult to reach places.

Highly trained Autism Support Dogs

Autism Support Dogs assist parents and caregivers of children with autism that have the tendency to run off when distracted, as well as providing companionship, comfort and unconditional love in times of loneliness and feeling misunderstood.

Assistance to the visually impaired through orientation and mobility services to improve their independence

The education and qualification of instructors in the skills of Orientation and Mobility so that they impart their knowledge to improve the living experience of people with visual impairment.

Provision of Orientation and Mobility services directly to visually impaired people.

Provision of short courses to create awareness and educate a range of audiences about visual impairment.

Managing a referral service to keep visually impaired people in touch with persons offering assistance they might need.

 Our Employees:

We are a highly motivated, passionate and unified team and you are supported and encouraged to develop to your full potential.

We are compassionate individuals having the necessary skills and expertise in our field.

Our Stakeholders:

Foster and recognize a network of passionate volunteers and puppy raisers.

Ensure our donors feel valued.

Create a mutually-beneficial relationship with our partners.

Our Sustainability:

Maximise the annual financial return whilst not compromising on our overall Mission and Vision, and in doing so, ensure the long-term sustainability of South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind.

Ongoing development of our staff is key to sustainability.

Be innovative in growing our business by investigating and, where practical, implementing sustainable ideas and other ideas that will make a difference to the people we serve.

 Our Productivity:

Deliver the best quality and service possible by maximising the efficiency of all our organisation and infrastructure capabilities.

Be a highly effective, focused and passionate organization.

Recognise and reward excellent performance and the goals achieved in development areas.

Our Advocacy:

Advocate the recognition and protection of the rights of all disabled persons in all spheres of contact.

Advocate and utilize best-practice techniques in the breeding, training, and in particular, the care of dogs.

Our Values:

Our Values guide us in achieving our Mission.

Our Understanding:

Understanding our clients and their needs are paramount.

Our Excellence and Leadership:

Be the true leader in everything we do.

Always be the best we can be.

Be creative, innovate and be prepared to change.

Work smart with the belief: ‘What we do, we do well’. Do it right the first time.

Website:  www.guidedog.org.za

Email:  info@guidedog.org.za

Tel:  011 705 3512

Tell 2:  0860 100 922





Pawsitive Pawsabilities


Who We Are

In 2005, the idea of Paws-itive Paws-abilities was born out of a yearning to live a passion and a clear decision to pursue a dream. Heather Whitfield – founder and Managing Member of the company always had a great inclination to work with Animals.  The concept of creating a company that would give every client and companion animal a positive experience relating to care and rehabilitation was a high priority and in order to do that, various possibilities in terms of methods and modalities needed to be put into practise – hence Paws-itive Paws-abilities was the perfect and well-fitting name.


What We Do

Paws-itive Paws-abilities it is a well-known “Centre of Excellence”. The Centre caters for an array of Companion Animal related entities which include a fully-fledged Veterinary Physiotherapy Practice, Step-down Clinic, Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation, a Hills dog training school and behaviour practice just to name a few.

Veterinary Physical Therapy - Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation - In-Hospital Post-Operative Rehabilitation - Puppy Socializing & Training - Animal Behaviour


Contact Us

Website:  https://vetphysicalrehab.co.za/about-us/

E-mail:  info@h4paws.co.za

Cell:  083 566 7009



Hennops Revival

Hennops Revival is a nonprofit organization with the focus on reviving, restoring and healing the Hennops River in collaboration with the government, … See More


Get Involved

Tarryn Johnson single handily started a school project for her daughter a few years ago and it has become HUGE !

100’s of tons of rubbish has been removed from the Hennops – she has managed to inspire many people and organisations to assist, including the city council.

emember the floods a couple of years ago in Centurion where businesses were ruined along the river – since then Tarryn managed to get the council to unblock the sluices in the river and she and her teams removed tons of waste that was preventing runoff – this year we have had floods but the water could run off.

She recently joined forces with Move One Million in a massive cleanup and has done newspaper interviews and I invited her to speak at the Centurion Sakekamer.

They definitely need help from the community and businesses, Tarryn has been funding some of the initiatives from her personal reserves because she is so passionate about the river and SA’s waterways and even the communities along the banks of the river.


Contact Us:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hennopsrevival/about/?ref=page_internal

Website:  www.hennopsrevival.co.za

Cell:  082 460 2899

E-Mail:  tarryn@hennopsrevival.co.za

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUst47mZ2nS39j47YDTpRQ

Meet John Fogwell

About the Host To John Fogwell business development through developing out of the box differentiators is the very lifeblood of business. As such he has dedicated his professional life to assisting entrepreneurs to take the next step in their businesses. His life and the professional journey were unconventional, to say the least. He started working part-time at a small-town law firm at 14 and started his first business at the age of 16. As the Founder and CEO of a Pan-African Private Equity company, he has built a reputation as an “in the trenches” businessman with an enviable ability to bounce back from extremely difficult situations. In addition to his own business interests, John has been involved in the launch, growth and exit phase of over 50 companies. He has sold everything from avo’s to legal services to zebra. Raised capital for businesses and projects across the African continent and had direct involvement in over $ 300 Million of trade whilst being internationally recognized for multiple awards in the financial services sector. As speaker John enjoyed the privilege to speak on international platforms like Mines & Money in Mauritius and Hong Kong, several Radio Stations as well as business-related TV shows. He also had the privilege of representing clients in over 15 countries supporting some of the continent's top entrepreneur’s business ambitions. His ability and passion to invest himself into everything he does have on several occasions been termed “contagious” by clients. John’s mission is to help African businesses and their people to unleash their full potential through maximizing creativity and providing them the tools to bounce back when needed. Apart from the consulting engagements he lectures part-time for several International Business Schools on subjects like Strategic Planning, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, and other specialist courses within the financial services industry. “The undisputed expert on African and Offshore business development”
Your Business Magazine

Africa One, our group based out of Mauritius, is a specialist Management Consulting firm that has its foundations firm on the Africa continent, that provides tailored crisis intervention, conflict resolution, management consulting and business turnaround services to companies wishing to explore the opportunities of the African continent.


As this may be a bit of a mouth full it may be a great idea to focus our conversation on one or both of the below services that are normally ignored or unheard of for smaller businesses.





If I may be so bold as to provide some typical questions posed by entrepreneurs:


1) Corporate Crisis Intervention

a) What is crisis intervention?

b) What is a crisis?

c) How do I handle crises in my business?

d) Most examples of corporate crises are media related, can it happen in my small business?

e) Can smaller companies afford Corporate Crisis Intervention?


2) Professional Negotiations and Representations

a) What is a professional negotiator, and what exactly does a day in the life of a negotiator look like?

b) When would you engage with a specialist negotiator?

c) What is the difference between a Lawyer, negotiator, mediator and arbitrator

d) Examples of how a professional negotiator can add value?

e) Can a small business make use of a negotiator? (Affordability)


If you would like to engage with John, you can contact him directly on:
John Fogwell
Cell: 084 39 00 333
E-mail: john@fogwell.co.za.




Diamond X Cowboy Ranch

Diamond X Cowboy Ranch is situated 35km from Pretoria. This Exclusive Venue offers you the versatility of Weddings, Functions and Conferences with the… See More

Additional IDiamond X Cowboy Ranchnformation
Diamond X Cowboy Ranch Conference, Teambuilding and Wedding Venue only 30km outside Pretoria.
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Diamond X Ranch is situated in the Pretoria Far East / Dinokeng circuit. This Exclusive Venue offers you the versatility of Weddings, Functions and Conferences with the option of Accommodation. We also offer you Western Style outrides on the ranch, with well trained horses and breathtaking scenery. Our cowboys are internationally trained and experienced. You are invited to kick up your heels and let down your hair, we will do the rest. This American-style cattle ranch will transport you to an era long passed, where nature, cattle and cowboys were still a way of life.

Rudan Marits 082 410 3180
Tell: 066 213 1163
E-mail: dxvenue@diamondxranch.co.za