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About SADI4U

SADI4U’s goal is to enable and support businesses to make them more resilient and profitable in challenging times.

The SA Economy, like all economies worldwide, depends heavily on small businesses, and small business owners must be knowledgeable about financial and other aspects of their businesses to be financially successful.

 SADI4U offers:

Business software including bookkeeping software

Software training

Financial, tax and business training

 SADI4U offers exceptionally affordable software, support and training in some business aspects, enabling owners to run businesses successfully, because economies worldwide depend heavily on small businesses.

Website: www.sadi4u.co.za

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcoo5u2GdzqqwWMRHh7vbfw

Herman E-mail: herman@sadi4u.co.za

Tanja E-mail:  tanja@sadi4u.co.za

Tell: 087 150 5086

Herman Cell:  082 451 6400