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John Fogwell

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Meet John Fogwell

About the Host To John Fogwell business development through developing out of the box differentiators is the very lifeblood of business. As such he has dedicated his professional life to assisting entrepreneurs to take the next step in their businesses. His life and the professional journey were unconventional, to say the least. He started working part-time at a small-town law firm at 14 and started his first business at the age of 16. As the Founder and CEO of a Pan-African Private Equity company, he has built a reputation as an “in the trenches” businessman with an enviable ability to bounce back from extremely difficult situations. In addition to his own business interests, John has been involved in the launch, growth and exit phase of over 50 companies. He has sold everything from avo’s to legal services to zebra. Raised capital for businesses and projects across the African continent and had direct involvement in over $ 300 Million of trade whilst being internationally recognized for multiple awards in the financial services sector. As speaker John enjoyed the privilege to speak on international platforms like Mines & Money in Mauritius and Hong Kong, several Radio Stations as well as business-related TV shows. He also had the privilege of representing clients in over 15 countries supporting some of the continent's top entrepreneur’s business ambitions. His ability and passion to invest himself into everything he does have on several occasions been termed “contagious” by clients. John’s mission is to help African businesses and their people to unleash their full potential through maximizing creativity and providing them the tools to bounce back when needed. Apart from the consulting engagements he lectures part-time for several International Business Schools on subjects like Strategic Planning, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, and other specialist courses within the financial services industry. “The undisputed expert on African and Offshore business development”
Your Business Magazine

Africa One, our group based out of Mauritius, is a specialist Management Consulting firm that has its foundations firm on the Africa continent, that provides tailored crisis intervention, conflict resolution, management consulting and business turnaround services to companies wishing to explore the opportunities of the African continent.


As this may be a bit of a mouth full it may be a great idea to focus our conversation on one or both of the below services that are normally ignored or unheard of for smaller businesses.





If I may be so bold as to provide some typical questions posed by entrepreneurs:


1) Corporate Crisis Intervention

a) What is crisis intervention?

b) What is a crisis?

c) How do I handle crises in my business?

d) Most examples of corporate crises are media related, can it happen in my small business?

e) Can smaller companies afford Corporate Crisis Intervention?


2) Professional Negotiations and Representations

a) What is a professional negotiator, and what exactly does a day in the life of a negotiator look like?

b) When would you engage with a specialist negotiator?

c) What is the difference between a Lawyer, negotiator, mediator and arbitrator

d) Examples of how a professional negotiator can add value?

e) Can a small business make use of a negotiator? (Affordability)


If you would like to engage with John, you can contact him directly on:
John Fogwell
Cell: 084 39 00 333
E-mail: john@fogwell.co.za.