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Hennops Revival



Hennops Revival

Hennops Revival is a non-profit organization with the focus on reviving, restoring and healing the Hennops River in collaboration with the government, … See More


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Tarryn Johnson single handily started a school project for her daughter a few years ago and it has become HUGE !

100’s of tons of rubbish has been removed from the Hennops – she has managed to inspire many people and organisations to assist, including the city council.

emember the floods a couple of years ago in Centurion where businesses were ruined along the river – since then Tarryn managed to get the council to unblock the sluices in the river and she and her teams removed tons of waste that was preventing runoff – this year we have had floods but the water could run off.

She recently joined forces with Move One Million in a massive cleanup and has done newspaper interviews and I invited her to speak at the Centurion Sakekamer.

They definitely need help from the community and businesses, Tarryn has been funding some of the initiatives from her personal reserves because she is so passionate about the river and SA’s waterways and even the communities along the banks of the river.


Contact Us:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hennopsrevival/about/?ref=page_internal

Website:  www.hennopsrevival.co.za

Cell:  082 460 2899

E-Mail:  tarryn@hennopsrevival.co.za

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUst47mZ2nS39j47Y