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Guide Dog Asosiation





Our Mission:

To enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired people and children with autism.

Our 2020 Vision:

The 2020 Vision describes how we will satisfy our Mission in the period between now and the year 2020, by achieving the highest level of excellence and being the accepted leader in the services we provide.

The Services we Provide:

Highly trained Guide Dogs for people who are visually impaired

Guide Dogs safely guide their owners in different environments and situations.

Highly trained Service Dogs for people who are physically disabled

Service Dogs assist their owners to open and close doors and drawers, and by retrieving items from difficult to reach places.

Highly trained Autism Support Dogs

Autism Support Dogs assist parents and caregivers of children with autism that have the tendency to run off when distracted, as well as providing companionship, comfort and unconditional love in times of loneliness and feeling misunderstood.

Assistance to the visually impaired through orientation and mobility services to improve their independence

The education and qualification of instructors in the skills of Orientation and Mobility so that they impart their knowledge to improve the living experience of people with visual impairment.

Provision of Orientation and Mobility services directly to visually impaired people.

Provision of short courses to create awareness and educate a range of audiences about visual impairment.

Managing a referral service to keep visually impaired people in touch with persons offering assistance they might need.

 Our Employees:

We are a highly motivated, passionate and unified team and you are supported and encouraged to develop to your full potential.

We are compassionate individuals having the necessary skills and expertise in our field.

Our Stakeholders:

Foster and recognize a network of passionate volunteers and puppy raisers.

Ensure our donors feel valued.

Create a mutually-beneficial relationship with our partners.

Our Sustainability:

Maximise the annual financial return whilst not compromising on our overall Mission and Vision, and in doing so, ensure the long-term sustainability of South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind.

Ongoing development of our staff is key to sustainability.

Be innovative in growing our business by investigating and, where practical, implementing sustainable ideas and other ideas that will make a difference to the people we serve.

 Our Productivity:

Deliver the best quality and service possible by maximising the efficiency of all our organisation and infrastructure capabilities.

Be a highly effective, focused and passionate organization.

Recognise and reward excellent performance and the goals achieved in development areas.

Our Advocacy:

Advocate the recognition and protection of the rights of all disabled persons in all spheres of contact.

Advocate and utilize best-practice techniques in the breeding, training, and in particular, the care of dogs.

Our Values:

Our Values guide us in achieving our Mission.

Our Understanding:

Understanding our clients and their needs are paramount.

Our Excellence and Leadership:

Be the true leader in everything we do.

Always be the best we can be.

Be creative, innovate and be prepared to change.

Work smart with the belief: ‘What we do, we do well’. Do it right the first time.

Website:  https://guidedog.org.za/

Email:  info@guidedog.org.za

Tel:  011 705 3512

Tell 2:  0860 100 922