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De La Vida

De La Vida

De La Vida Dance Studio


De La Vida Dance Studio offers an atmosphere bursting with fun, support, and a celebration of all things good in life. All our clients say that they are so happy and relaxed when they walk through the studio door – it’s a sense of family and “DLV love” … We are a family that shares the passion and joy of good dancing, social or competitive ballroom dancing. Doing shows and competitions just makes us better dancers, we strive to be the best at what we do and teach.

At De La Vida Dance Studios, we help students grow as individuals and enrich their lives – in ways such as physical conditioning, emotional satisfaction, mental growth, an improved social confidence. Dancing can unlock your creative thinking and transform you completely. Once you start taking dance classes you will see how many positive attributes dancing has, and you will never stop dancing after you realize how good dancing is for you. Doesn’t matter if you are learning to dance for a wedding, learning to dance competitions or even just doing it for fun…. You will find that dancing helps you to connect better with yourself, family, friends and even your partner…. Finding yourself is the best way to get out of your “shell” and start making new friends and becoming part of a new family.

We offer private ballroom dance lessons, social dancing (two-step and sokkie), wedding choreography, group classes, line dancing and so much more. Ballroom dancing is suitable for all ages, no skill level and no partner required to start your dance journey.


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