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Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry

#Cherry #Berry is a cornerstone coffee shop and light eatery in Centurion. 78 Jean Avenue, Doringkloof, is the home to CHERRY BERRY, and they are celebrating 21 years of smiles, hugs, delicious coffee and mouth-watering light meals. After falling on hard times during Covid, and facing 2 devastating robberies in so much as 3 weeks recently, Cherry Berry needs the help of the community to survive. Devastating losses have been felt, not just in the loss of Mr Gerber, a man held in high regard - who showed open arms and a friendly face to all who patron, and a co-founder of Cherry Berry, but in income and business support (policies etc). They need our help to keep the doors open to the place that hosts business meetings, friendship dates and family bonding time, baby showers and birthday celebrations. The funds will be used for security upgrades, CCTV Camera System, armed response a business security monitoring, replacement of critical hardware lost during the robberies, and lastly, to catch up on bills and keep the doors open. Hein and Drisha have taken all these challenges in their stride and continue to welcome patrons and deliver the best service and Dutch-inspired menu. Signature dishes include a World Famous Cheese Cake, Uitsmijtter, Cherry Berry Breakfast and Apple Tart. Leicheimi Boutique Coffee Roastery is on site, and the most delicious cappuccino with foam. Treat yourself to a Hein Special, a delightful coffee complimenting any occasion. In the busy pace of life, the tranquility of Cherry Berry can lift your mood, fill a hungry spot, quench a thirst and provide a quiet space to work or read a book.

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Drischa Cherry Berry

Cell: 083 259 7662