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Blind SA



Blind SA: https://blindsa.org.za


What We Do
We equip blind people with the skills they need to fully and independently participate in society. This includes support in living without assistance, getting about, using technology, reading, working and socialising. All this is made possible through advocacy, our Education Committee, Braille Services, orientation and mobility services and our employment programme. It is through this, and the support of our donors, that we connect South African’s who are blind or visually impaired with the world they live in.
Our Purpose
To end the cycle of poverty for Blind South Africans, empowering them with knowledge and information through education, braille and developmental services. To break down barriers, provide opportunities and create answers that improve the quality of life for the blind community so that they can live the life they choose.
Our Vision
An empowered blind community with equal opportunities achieving their full potential.
Our Values
These are the things we provide and uphold above everything else:

Die Vereniging se missie is om die lewens te verbeter van siggestremdes en kinders wat ly aan Outisme. Kom luister na ‘n oorsig van die geskiedenis van die Vereniging en die fiering van Internasional gidshonddag op 28 April 2021.

Gaan kyk gerus na die Gidshond vereniging se webblad: https://guidedog.org.za